Travel insurance: all EF students arrive with coverage

Students are required to have insurance that meets certain minimum standards to travel on our programme. Most EF students elect Erika insurance. The following guidelines apply to students with Erika insurance coverage only. Students with other insurance should refer to their policy documentation for details or contact their parents.

Finding a provider

Please reference the Erika policy booklet for complete details. It can be found at


Finding a GP in the UK


While students will travel to the UK with some kind of private health insurance, they also have the option to utilise the NHS.


You can help your student register with an NHS GP after their arrival - ask your Regional Manager for help!


In an emergency, do not ever hesitate to bring your student for immediate medical attention, regardless of what insurance policy they carry.

Important resources:
EF High School Exchange Year

24/7 support line:

+44 7771 797790

Erika Insurance Ltd.

Download claim forms, the policy booklet and find emergency contact details.


Insurance card

EF distributes insurance cards to students in their home country before they leave for the exchange. This includes an overview of coverage and lists contact information for respective claims agents. EF suggests host families carry a copy of their student's insurance card as well.


Below are general guidelines on the coverage. Without specific medical information, Erika will not be able to verify coverage and will ultimately make all final decisions on a case by case basis.

Routine care

Routine care, such as physicals, check-ups and inoculations, is NOT covered. Students who visit a private doctor when they aren’t feeling well should remind the doctor’s office that routine visits are not covered, and tell them to send Erika a bill explaining why treatment was required.


Prescriptions must be paid for up front by students. Afterwards, students can send in a claim form to Erika for reimbursement. Both the cash register receipt and the medication information label attached to the prescription must be included. Students will be reimbursed for most prescribed medications except for acne, birth control or medication they take for a pre-existing condition. Over the counter medication is not covered.


Dental coverage is provided up to $200 for non-accidental treatment. Wisdom tooth treatment is covered up to $500. Temporary treatment for an injury as a result of an accident is usually covered in full.

Erika Sport

Please note that students are covered during all activities that are organized by their local school. Erika Sport allows students to participate in risky sports and activities outside of their school curriculum (i.e., on their own, or with their host family) that would otherwise not be covered should injury occur, including: skiing, alpine sports, lacrosse, wrestling, martial arts, four wheeling, bungee jumping, skydiving, parachuting, white water rafting, jet skiing, snowmobiling, etc.


If your student is going to be participating in any of the above activities, or any organised sports outside of school, please confirm that they do have Erika Sport. For those who don't, encourage them to add this coverage otherwise they will not have coverage for these types of activities.


Students are granted three weeks after their arrival in the UK to pay for the additional Erika Sport. For specific questions, please reach out to Erika or your EF support team.

Going home for an emergency

Erika insurance may cover a round-trip flight in case of death or grave illness of an immediate family member. The policy defines immediate family members as parents, legal guardians and siblings of the exchange student. Grandparents do not fall under the definition of immediate family.


If your student has a family emergency and wishes to return home, contact your RM, EF support staff and the appropriate assistance company listed on your student's insurance card.

Medical treatment

Contact your RM whenever your student receives medical care.

Routine illness

In case of a routine illness (e.g., stomach flu, cough, cold, sore throat, etc.), students should see the GP with whom they registered after their arrival to the UK.

Acute illness or injury

Use your best judgement when acute injuries occur to assess whether an A&E visit is necessary. Many broken bones, lacerations or sports injuries can normally be treated at your local urgent care facility. Your wait time will likely be shorter, and billing will be easier at an in-network urgent care center.

We recommend you visit the website listed above to proactively determine the closest in-network urgent care center in your community. If there is not an urgent care facility close by, a visit to the ER may be necessary.

For any serious mental instability, injury, trauma or illness (e.g., possible appendicitis, seizure, etc.), please take your student to the nearest emergency room and contact EF’s emergency line at 1-800-447-4273. Research local ER facilities and their hours of operation. If your student has Erika coverage, you can contact the appropriate assistant helpline, as well.

If your student is in grave condition, please call EF immediately. It is important that EF contact the consulate, who will pass this information on to the parents. Please do not call their family abroad directly.

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