EF Host Family: The Journey Ahead

Here is a brief overview of a typical Host Family lifecycle.

Expression of interest – No matter how you came to find us, we are excited to get to know you! Once you express interest in hosting, your EF journey begins!


Initial call with Regional Manager – Get to know more about our programme, our students, and the host family screening process. If you have an idea of what type of student would fit best in your family, let's talk about it!


Host family screening – Tell us about your family! Log into our online portal (the HUB) to complete your host family application. EF staff will contact your references, walk you through the compliance process, and will visit you in person to conduct a host family home assessment.


Student selection – Your Regional Manager will work with you to find the right student for your family. Our host families typically view a number of student profiles and have the opportunity to select their own student(s) based on shared interests, personality traits, hobbies, and goals for the exchange year ahead.


Student placement – Once you’ve completed the host family screening process and chosen your student, the placement with your chosen student will be finalised. You may now reach out to your student via phone, email, WhatsApp, etc. to get to know one another!


Orientation – EF will provide you with the EF Host Family Guidebook and your Regional Manager will walk you through the host family orientation. These resources will help you prepare for the arrival of your student and provide you with helpful tools for the year ahead.


Welcome your student – Enjoy the exchange experience and embrace your global family! Explore your local area, cook new recipes, and get to know the culture of your student’s home country, all while sharing your UK life with them. Many host families and students stay in touch and become extended family for life. At the end of exchange, we don’t say goodbye, we say “See you later!”


Refer-a-friend – If you would like to share the exchange experience with a like-minded friend or family member, send us their contact details and we will get in touch. Referring a friend is a great way to share your experience, grow your own exchange community and earn rewards from EF High School Exchange Year. Host another student- Many host families return to EF year after year host another student and grow their global families. With each year of hosting, participants gain more experience, wisdom, and knowledge, which sets the host family and student up for a successful exchange!


Become a Support Family – Support families are host families who wish to further support the exchange students in their local area. Typically, a support family has a spare bed and is available to assist with transportation and accommodation, should a student require local assistance urgently. Support Families offer EF students a place to stay for holiday cover, and other occasions that arise due to unforeseen circumstances throughout the year. If you are interested in growing your role within the EF programme, ask your Regional Manager if becoming a Support Family may be right for you!

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