Who to talk to if you have a question

EF prides itself on the extensive support we offer students, host families and schools. There is always someone available to assist you.

Your go-to local contact

Regional Manager (RM)

Regional Managers are the local representatives of EF High School Exchange Year, located one to two hours from your community. Your RM is your primary contact person. They are your first phone call whenever you have a question or need assistance. Their primary responsibilities include:


  • Finding caring host families
  • Screening host families and helping them through the application process
  • Working with schools
  • Making frequent contact with host families and students
  • Helping to connect host families and schools with EF support staff in order to mediate conflict or solve any issues that may arise

Advice every step of the way

Student Success Advisor

The Student Success Advisor serves as the primary contact for students during the exchange year. They are available to students via different channels, including text, calls and social media, and can help with any questions or needs, no matter how small or big. Aside from connecting with students regularly to guide them through the exchange year, Student Success Advisors will also visit students locally and plan in person meetups and events within each community or region. They are actively involved in the exchange year, creating unique experiences, celebrating accomplishments, and supporting students through any challenges, as well as sharing regular updates with our colleagues overseas to keep students’ parents updated.

Global support

EF offices

EF High School Exchange Year is the student's official programme sponsor. We work collaboratively with the EF offices abroad to communicate regularly with our programme participants. This way, we ensure quality and compliance with rules and regulations that govern the programme. Additional responsibilities include:


  • Screening and preparing host families and students
  • Helping families select the right student for their home
  • Overseeing school enrolment
  • Arranging student visas
  • Coordinating student travel to/from the UK
  • Supporting local RMs, students, schools and EF host families
  • Communicating with student's parents

Expert counseling on how to handle concerns

Programme Advisor

The Programme Advisor serves as support for students, host families and schools during the exchange year. They are available to host families and students by phone and e-mail, helping to guide families through the exchange experience together with their students. Aside from connecting with host families to ensure that the exchange year is going smoothly, Programme Advisors will also check in with schools regularly to ensure that the students' academic performance meets EF and school expectations. Programme Advisors are involved when any issues or conflicts may arise and help everyone work together to find the best solutions possible. The Programme Advisor communicates with our colleagues abroad to ensure the students’ parents are informed of their children’s progress or any concerns during the exchange year. The Programme Advisor works traditional business hours and are available for on-call emergencies.

Manager of Programme Support

The Manager of Programme Support serves as an additional layer of support for students and host families, and works with Programme Advisor to guide students and families through more serious challenges that can impact the success of the exchange year or concerns that are more escalated, severe or urgent.

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